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Practical Guide to Caring for your Berber Carpet

You love your Moroccan rug and the authentic touch it gives to your home. To preserve its beauty and extend its life, follow these practical tips for caring for Moroccan rugs!


Regular rotation for maximum durability:

Optimize the longevity of your Berber carpet by turning it regularly. Rotation every six months ensures even wear, preserving its visual appeal.


Regular and gentle vacuuming

Maintenance begins with regular vacuuming using a soft bristle brush. Avoid rotating brushes to preserve delicate fibers. Vacuum in the direction of the carpet to effectively remove dust and particles.

Note that during the first few weeks, pure wool carpets tend to “give back” a few fibers; this is a perfectly natural phenomenon (the carpet “unravels”), and the more the carpet is used and vacuumed, the faster this excess fiber will be eliminated. Don’t hesitate to remove the stuffing to speed up the process.


Delicate Stain Treatment:

Respond quickly and gently to stains. Dab with a clean cloth to absorb excess liquid. Avoid vigorous rubbing. Use suitable cleaning products and test them on a small area first.


Periodic Professional Cleaning


In addition to home care, periodic professional cleaning is essential to keep your Azilal or Beni Ouarain carpet looking fresh. Methods adapted to natural fibers will guarantee effective cleaning with no risk of damage, and will restore your carpet to its original shine!


Protection against sun exposure

Preserve color and quality by avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. Choose areas with little direct sunlight, and use curtains or blinds to filter out direct light.


By following these care tips, your Berber rugs will remain the centerpieces of your interior for many years to come. Thanks to these simple rules of care, you’ll preserve the handcrafted beauty and timeless elegance of your Azilal or Beni Ouarain rugs.




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